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TRY US OUT ! – Sales Training Taster Session

TRY US OUT ! – Sales Training Taster Session

Inspirational Selling – Module 1

Sales Training & Personal Coaching Programme


We offer taster sessions for either existing clients who may not have used this service from us, or for our prospective clients who want to engage with us but want to dip their toe!

So what is our Taster Session – Simply…

One place on our 3 day Module 1 Sales Training Course

Endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management

33% Reduction in our fee

Who should attend?

New to sales? If you have members of your team who are relatively new to sales they will massively benefit from a structured approach to improve their performance and for them to feel how they can do it – driving confidence.

Want to move an existing employee into a sales role? If you have people in your business that you want to develop into sales, they will prove to themselves they will be successful without the risk of failure.

Want your old dogs to employ new tricks? If you have experienced members of the team, are they really doing the basic fundamentals that mean they are achieving their potential sales.

What will the delegates get?

Module 1 of our Inspirational Sales training, endorsed by the Institute of Sales Management, provides a solid structured approach to business to business sales.

The course covers

  • Opening new sales opportunities. Understand how to build and maintain rapport with gate keepers and buyers alike. Generating interest to achieve sales appointments.
  • Managing and controlling sales appointments. A structure for fact finding and understanding client needs, their pains and developing a value proposition.
  • Positioning their products and services with impact. Understanding benefit selling and how to align the benefits they can bring in line with the needs of their prospect.
  • Handling Objections confidently and using the meta-morphose ACE process for handling objections and leveraging closing.
  • Closing! If we don't understand the 'race' we are in, how can we win!  If we want the business we need to make sure we ask for it with the appropriate close for our buyer.  Understanding styles of closing.
  • Managing relationships. We want our clients to buy from us regularly and to buy all the products and services we have that are right for them.

Why should you take us up on this?

Our clients’ want more sales from the sales team they employ.  They want them equipped with the skills to do the job professionally and capably.  Then it’s a case of sales management to ensure they deliver on their promise.  Our clients use our coaching programme so we can together ensure the delegates employ these skills everyday.  Ensuring performance improves and sales grow.

How much do I need to invest?

Our standard fee for one delegate on our Module 1 is £1,500 (ex vat).

Our taster fee is £995 (ex vat)

Tell me about the course

Delegates are restricted to a maximum of 8 per course. This means lots of personal time for each delegate. The training is 'experiential', lots of role plays. Buyer meetings are video recorded so you can see how your delegate has worked on the course. Delegates receive a personal training report, they develop their own personal plan of activity post course, and our trainers will report on what they have seen that they like and what they believe needs development.

How do I book?

Either reply to this email, and we'll call you to find out more about your delegate and book them on. Or call us now.

Thank You - I trust you have seen enough to generate your interest, if you need to have a conversation to iron out any concerns please call.



Samantha Towell


PS – Typically clients work with us because they know that if their sales team had the skills and employed these skills then they would simply sell more.  Over to you to calculate just how much more they could sell.






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