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The best career in the world

In our opinion, based on years of experience in selling, sales is the best career in the world. Of course, we’re biased because it’s what we do. And because graduate sales recruitment is our speciality. But seriously, we think you share the appeal of a skilled profession that's never out of style, with great potential rewards that are only limited by your ambition and drive. That’s why you’re here. Smart move.

Getting a first sales job isn't always easy

Experience shows that getting their first proper sales jobs is one of the hardest things graduates with selling flair do after their degree. As a graduate with a couple of years’ experience, you may have held a junior internal or external sales position. Or perhaps you know selling is what you want to do, but you’ve been pragmatic and made do with a non-sales job since graduation. Perhaps you’re also disillusioned by your experience with other graduate recruitment consultants.

Everything changes now. As well as specialising in graduate job recruitment, we do it very differently to most. It all starts with our free sales sales awareness days. As thousands of graduates already know, our skills and methods work.

Here's what our graduates think

‘Overall, I very much enjoyed the experience I had with Metamorphose and would recommend it to all graduates wanting a career in sales.'


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More on how to get graduate jobs in sales

Are you wondering how we know so much about getting a sales job as a graduate with limited work experience? As this is all about you, we’ll be brief.

For nearly two decades, we’ve built close working relationships with managing directors, sales directors and HR departments of large, small, always carefully-vetted, companies that recruit sales people. In fact, since founding Metamorphose, we’ve placed hundreds of graduates. Ambitious people like you, with the right character, hunger for sales and the work ethic to succeed in this challenging profession.

So now to you. First, please set aside your preconceptions about selling. And about applying for sales jobs. We do things differently and it works.

You can forget your old CV and cover letter too. We never use them for initial selection. In fact, we only use CVs when you go forward to meet companies – and we never ‘doctor’ CVs. What we will do is help you think about how your CV should look – but we won’t write it for you! Other agencies do this and we understand why clients don’t like it.

We understand that, as a recent graduate with limited work experience, your CV may not have what MDs and sales directors want to see – even if you have the right character for sales. It can’t, because of your limited experience. But if the character’s there, the ‘raw material’, we can work with that, get you in front of the people who matter, and arrange appropriate sales training. That ‘character’ – we know it when we see it – is what we hope to discover when we speak and then meet.

Once more, please go with us on this. And please try to set aside anything else you’ve learned about sales through other jobs or training. Some of it may be relevant, but from experience, lots probably isn't.

What we ask you to do instead is trust us enough to contact us. Then we'll call you back for a brief informal chat. Then, maybe come along to one of our graduate days here in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. That’s important because we always – with no exceptions – meet our graduate job candidates in small (typically six people) groups. By the way, we meet with every client company too, to make sure the fit is right for our graduate candidates.

Did we mention that we don’t do the big impersonal graduate recruitment ‘cattle markets’ that you may have experienced in conjunction with other graduate schemes? As graduate recruiters, this approach is probably as abhorrent to us as it is to you.

When you visit us, you’ll need to find your own way here. After that, the day we spend together, and everything you learn, is on us. Whether we proceed further or not, we promise you a fascinating, rewarding day. And you'll take away valuable knowledge and skills to help your job hunting and future career. It’s a no-brainer for you. Don’t miss the opportunity.

If we then decide to work together, you’ll have taken the important first step towards your sales career. For many graduates who come to visit us, things tend to move fast afterwards. Realistically, you could be earning over £20k, with significant OTE and a car, within a few weeks. With ongoing coaching and sales training too. Calling us or emailing really could be a life changer for you – as it was for the other graduates who made that call or emailed us.

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