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You’re a graduate, and you’re looking for a rewarding sales job. You may have graduated this year, but the likelihood is that you’ve a couple of years' post-graduation work experience. Maybe in a first job as an external or internal sales executive, or you’ve had a couple of non-sales jobs? But you 'get' the world of work and know you want to succeed in sales. That’s why you’re looking at graduate-level sales jobs.

Graduate recruitment is challenging

Navigating the world of graduate recruitment is challenging. Maybe you’ve been to other recruiters but didn’t have the best experience. Or you’ve never worked with a recruitment consultancy, but you want to make sure that when you do it goes well. So do we, so please forget everything you’ve heard, or any negative preconceptions about recruiters. We’re different: we don’t even like the term ‘recruitment consultant’ because of its connotations. Even so, we feel obliged to use it occasionally. When we talk, we’re sure you'll see how we're genuinely different.

Here's what our graduates think

‘The turnaround of my application was very fast. I was offered job roles straight away and got through to second interview. After being offered some good roles, I soon went forward for a second interview. The interview went really well, and within a few days I was offered the job to my great surprise. The salary was very attractive, but the experience and challenge was the real attraction. I would recommend any graduate to go through Metamorphose, it has been a great experience and I found myself in the best job role!’


To get on with shaping your successful sales career, call us now on +44 (0) 1452 346 346 or email us to findout why we’re
different – and why that’s good for you and your career…

More on going for sales jobs requiring graduates

Whether they’re in London, Manchester, Edinburgh or Cheltenham, everyone in graduate recruitment jobs will say they're different; but not everyone can persuasively articulate the reasons why. We are and we can. Firstly – and you’ll find this is a big differentiator in graduate recruitment – we will always insist on meeting you. So please keep an open mind, call us and let’s see if it would be useful for you to attend one of our graduate recruitment sales awareness days.

We regularly run free sales awareness days for ambitious graduates who are interested in professional sales careers.

You’ll need to get yourself to Cheltenham in Gloucestershire. But once you're here, your time with us in South West England is free – including the wealth of advice and practical knowledge we’ll share. Even if it doesn’t lead to a job this time, we promise you’ll find the experience, sales and broader careers advice we give you invaluable.

By the way, we won’t put you in a room with 30 or 40 other graduates either. Unbelievably, it still happens in graduate recruitment when candidates are assembled en-masse before a handful are selected and everyone else is dismissed!

Why don’t we meet graduates like that? Apart from the fact that it seems neither fair, nor a nice way to do business, it’s not a good way to get to know each other properly. Instead, each of our sales awareness days is limited to a handful of graduates. The benefit? You really get to know us and we get to know you as well as properly understand your job hunting objectives. When it comes to looking for graduate jobs, we’re different for other reasons too…

Our collaborative approach makes us different

We’re also different for the collaborative, consultative, way we’ll work with you – just like the most successful real-world sales processes. What’s more, we promise to treat you with honesty, transparency and, respect. After all, we need to sell ourselves to you too.

There’s no catch. Spending a day with us could be the door-opener you need, the golden key to a £20K+ sales position with a car, first-year OTE of £30k, sales training and coaching. Does that sound good? We thought it would, and there’s more…

Believe us; you have the opportunity of an unbelievably exciting sales opportunity ahead. Maybe you’ve always known you wanted to succeed in sales, or perhaps you only realised recently? Either way, we believe professional selling is the best job in the world. And you probably feel the same way, which is why you’re here.

As well as a great graduate job with real prospects, you’ve a golden opportunity to seize the moment, show us your potential and then realise it.

Our clients are reputable large and small companies

By the way, our clients aren’t bit-players in sales. They’re professional, large and small enterprises that are committed to taking sales seriously. We wouldn’t be handling their graduate recruitment if they weren’t!

Their reasons for recruiting sales people are varied: their business may be expanding so they need a trainee salesperson; maybe they are undergoing a reorganisation; or perhaps they urgently need to create a new account management team to support an imminent product launch. Whatever the reason, they want the brightest, best graduate talent. That means people like you. It’s why they entrust us with finding their sales teams; and why, if you’ve got the character and personality to make it in sales, you need to be in our constantly ‘bubbling’ pool of graduate talent. It’s also why we urge you to start the conversation today. So read on to find out how…

Call us! Start the conversation today

So please talk with us. Start the conversation with a phone call or an email. We promise to call you back for an initial no-obligation chat. Be prepared to move fast though; within six to eight weeks, that phone call or email could lead to a sales position that changes your life for ever.

Why wait? If you’ve got what it takes, seize the moment and call or email us – just as salespeople the world over do every day?

I'm not a graduate but I know I've got what it takes

By the way, if you aren't a graduate, but can show us why you should be in our talent pool, please call or email us.

Take the first step in your sales career and get into our graduate recruitment talent pool. Just call us now on +44 (0) 1452 346 346.