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Sales recruitment and training done differently

Are you a sales-focused employer?

Are you a sales-focused employer who needs to recruit graduate-calibre sales people quickly, cost-effectively and with minimal risk? If so, you’ve come to the right place for help and priceless peace of mind. Our ISMM award-winning team (formerly BESMA and National Sales Awards) can help you assemble, train and coach the one salesperson or large sales organisation you need to deliver challenging tactical or strategic sales objectives.

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Are you a graduate with a couple years' work experience?

Then we’d like to talk. By the way, you don’t need to be working in sales already. What we’re keen to discover is your commitment to selling, and the ‘sales character’ that provides a solid foundation for future training, coaching and mentoring. After 20 years recruiting and placing thousands of talented graduates, we understand your needs and aspirations, and can bring out and maximise your potential as a career sales professional.

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Here's what our clients think

‘I read a piece from the late Sir John Harvey Jones, he was recommending Metamorphose as they have a solution to find high-quality graduates or graduate-calibre people with a high propensity to be successful in sales. This was just the service I was looking for. Over the past years, pretty much of all my salespeople have been hired and trained through Metamorphose. Finding really good people is hard, and they are increasingly rare, the value that Metamorphose provide more than justifies the investment!'


Whether you're a prospective client or an ambitious graduate-calibre candidate, take the first step to a
transformed sales organisation or career. Please call +44 (0) 1452 346 346 or email us today.

More about how we're different to other graduate recruitment agencies

We can tell you about our recruitment business and why it's different. But the best way to show you what we can do is to meet. In fact, that’s one of the things that differentiate us from many other graduate sales recruitment bureaus. You see, we always meet prospective clients as well as candidates.

Doing this is vital for us and it shows you that we take your enquiry – and your sales recruitment or sales training – very seriously indeed.

The same applies with graduate candidates. We never use CVs for initial screening. Why? Because two decades’ experience in sales recruitment shows that graduate CVs usually concentrate on what candidates think we want to see, not what we want to explore to find out whether you have the basic character and qualities for sales. Don’t worry! This is good for you. Even though we want to meet graduates who are maybe a couple of years out of university, we understand that your CV is bound to be limited so early in your career.

So, whether you’ve been in a junior sales job for a year or so, or you haven’t, but you’re determined to sell, we know from experience that sales skills can be taught and coached. But only in someone with the right basic ‘sales character’. And that rarely comes over in graduates’ CVs.

Rather than risk overlooking your talent, we always speak with you, then invite you to Cheltenham for a sales awareness day. You’ll need to get here under your own steam, but once here, everything is on us – including lots of practical advice and refreshments.

Is it an interview? Well, actually it’s much more than that as we get to know each other and decide whether we’d like to collaborate on getting you a sales position. By the way, with just a handful of invited attendees, these days aren’t the impersonal ‘cattle markets’ that some graduate recruiters still favour.

When you visit us you’ll be one of just half a dozen or so graduates. And because we’ve screened you thoroughly and explored your motivations with phone conversations before you attend, you’ll be interested to know that all our attendees have a very good chance of making it into our constantly bubbling pool of graduate talent. Actually, things tend to move extremely fast after graduates visit us. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself meeting one of our clients and being offered a rewarding sales position within six to eight weeks.

Our sales awareness days really are career (and life) changing for graduates. And in the unusual event of us deciding that we’re not currently right for each other, you will take away valuable skills that you can use in your career ahead. You’re also welcome to recontact us again in future. We don’t close doors or burn bridges…

What does this mean for me, your client?

Our demonstrably successful methodologies and approach to graduate recruitment mean we maintain a constantly bubbling pool of graduate talent across the UK. They’re pre-assessed, committed to professional sales careers and ready to meet clients like you. Depending on your vacancy, this usually means we can select from several hundred pre-assessed graduate candidates.

Putting forward pre-assessed candidates

Because our assessment is so thorough, and focused on individuals’ ‘sales character’ and motivation, we can put forward candidates with precision and a high-degree of suitability for your sales role(s). This simplifies the recruitment process and lowers recruitment risks.

We also build training and ongoing coaching into our offer. You can count on 12 months of professional support for the successful candidate. Our tried and tested process and methodologies mitigates graduate recruitment risk and increases the likelihood of a candidate placement working out. We even offer free replacement (for an agreed period) in case a candidate doesn’t work out. By the way, we don’t ask for up-front payments or work on a retained basis. We’ve built our business on only invoicing when you are completely happy.

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Whether you need to recruit graduate-level sales people, arrange sales training, or you are an ambitious graduate-calibre candidate, take the first step to transform your sales organisation or career. Please call +44 (0) 1452 346 346 or email us today.