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We’re sure you’d agree that, whether you’re a company employing sales people, or a graduate candidate seeking a sales role, getting the right outcome is a formidable task. We can help and we’ve probably got a case study that proves it too.

The ideal graduate recruitment partner

As MD or sales director, it’s challenging enough facing tough strategic sales challenges, or recruiting sales teams for new product launches. Equally, if yours is a microbusiness, the challenge of recruiting your first graduate can appear daunting. Now imagine the difference it will make, and the peace of mind, to be helped by a really good graduate recruitment specialist. How about an established, pragmatic, recruitment partner with the track record, testimonials and case studies to prove nearly 20 years of successful graduate recruitment for clients facing challenges like yours?

Here's what our clients think

‘Whilst our strategy has been to recruit graduates with little or no financial services experience their enthusiasm and willingness to learn and succeed is highly encouraging. They have created a great addition to our existing experienced sales team and I look forward to seeing them progress over the coming months.’


Have you got what it takes?

Alternatively, if you're a graduate candidate seeking your first proper sales job since completing full-time study, the challenge is different, yet equally formidable. Your uni days may be a couple of years behind you, but now you’re competing in a market packed with seasoned sales professionals – armed with only a short CV and your self-belief. Add some disillusionment with other graduate recruiters and we understand your wariness. Yet you know you’ve got what it takes. Now, if only someone would see past an unavoidably ‘thin’ CV, really understand what you have to offer and meet you... We will. If you have the character and attributes to succeed in sales, we’ll see them and get you on our graduate programme…

Whether you're a prospective client or a candidate, there are no catches, just benefits when we start our
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More on how to get graduate jobs in sales

In either case, we’re not like other graduate recruiters. You may have already picked this up. You’ll see more when we meet for an initial no-obligation consultation (clients) or at one of our graduate sales days (graduate candidates). Either way, you’ve everything to gain from harnessing our two decades of experience in sales, graduate sales recruitment and sales training.

Our graduate recruitment case studies demonstrate the range and scope of the work we’ve done for discerning clients and ambitious graduates over nearly two decades since we started the business.

We understand that, as a recent graduate with limited work experience, your CV may not have what MDs and sales directors want to see – even if you have the right character for sales. It can’t, because of your limited experience. But if the character’s there, the ‘raw material’, we can work with that, get you in front of the people who matter, and arrange appropriate sales training. That ‘character’ – we know it when we see it – is what we hope to discover when we speak and then meet.

Once more, please go with us on this. And please try to set aside anything else you’ve learned about sales through other jobs or training. Some of it may be relevant, but from experience, lots probably isn't.

Imagine if, as a client, you're suddenly given responsibility for creating a large, specialist salesforce to introduce an important new product. Such was the case when we were tasked with sourcing 50 sales people for a multinational corporation in the medical industry. Not only did we have to handle the logistics of recruiting from around 5000 applicants, but the client was (quite rightly) obsessive about their brand reputation. From sign-off of recruitment scripts to saying no to nearly 5000 people in a way that leaves them positive about the company and the brand. We did it, and we’ll tell you more when we meet…

From a candidate perspective, few things are more rewarding than putting people through our proven process, watching them build successful sales careers with our client, and and then welcoming them back as a client a few years later. That speaks volumes about the way our graduate candidates see us and respect the relationship that we build with them.

This doesn’t only happen within clients that are major established corporations with clear career paths for sales-savvy graduates. In several case study examples, our graduates not only used their skills, experience and training in a role that we found for them, but went on to launch their own successful business. Their company’s standing and the Porsche or Ferrari parked outside says everything about what's possible when someone (us) sees true sales potential (you) and launches your sales career.

How do we achieve the results that we do for clients and graduates alike? Of course, it starts with solid sales experience, tried and tested skills and a lot of experience in graduate recruitment and sales training. But as any of our case studies will reveal, success also reflects the use of other differentiators:

• Proven methodologies.
• Undiluted focus on sales jobs.
• Knowledge of the business areas where we can be most effective.
• Always insisting on meeting candidates.
• Always meeting client companies.
• Never relying on CVs for initial candidate screening.
• Tailoring bespoke client solutions – often in minute detail – to authentically reproduce challenging sales scenarios (ask us about the case studies).

Above all, both client companies and candidates value an approach to graduate recruitment that doesn’t prioritise existing sales skills, but looks for demonstrable ‘sales character’ and future potential. That’s the combination of personal character and attributes that give you what it takes to make it in sales.

As we say elsewhere, with the right personality, attributes and character, sales skills can be taught. We know from experience that the opposite rarely applies. Our recruitment methodology, involving multiple screening phone interviews and a day at our offices, is proven for finding people with the right ‘sales stuff’ so we can add them to our constantly bubbling pool of several hundred talented graduates across the UK.

Could you star in our next recruitment case study?

Are you are an ambitious graduate seeking a rewarding career in professional sales? Or a time-pressured client looking to recruit sales ‘strivers’ who will go on to become your organisation’s future sales stars? Either way, we’d love you to be the subject of our next graduate recruitment case study. So let’s start the conversation that leads to transformed businesses, careers and lives.

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