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A unique approach to sales recruitment

Over the years, recruitment consultants, whether specialising in sales jobs, graduate recruitment or other recruitment have received their share of criticism. Sometimes it has been justified, sometimes not. Actually, we don’t particularly like the term ‘recruitment consultant’. But we have to use it sometimes because it’s what clients and graduate candidates often search for online and expect to see.

If you must label us, maybe descriptors such as ‘recruitment partner’, ‘recruitment bureau’ or even ‘recruitment agency’ fit the bill better. Or you could just just call us Metamorphose. Better still, just call us!

A proven record in graduate recruitment

Not all recruitment agencies are the same. As you'll discover, we’re proof of that. Since the business was established nearly 20 years ago, we’ve worked hard to bring a refreshingly different approach to sales recruitment and training. And to run graduate sales recruitment and sales training the way we’d like to experience it if we were in your position.

Maybe we could have done better sometimes. But mostly, based on what candidates and clients tell us, we’ve done pretty well. And whatever we’ve done, we’ve always made sure to learn from our experiences and re-apply it to our business. That way we can look after your business (clients) or career (university graduates) better this year than last… For our team, it’s been like that ever since our own days working in sales jobs (yes, we’ve been there). Now we can appreciate sales recruitment and training from client and candidate perspectives.

Here's what our clients think

‘The programmes were very well received by our sales force. The courses [for over 100 development managers] were well researched and tailored to meet our unique business needs. It realistically simulated our sales process and gave significant insights into how each person should develop their sales skills.'


Successful graduate sales force recruitment starts with a conversation. Please start it now, by calling us on
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Metamorphose means positive change

The Metamorphose name reflects our commitment to bring positive change to the lives of graduate candidates and the sales activities of clients in large and small enterprises across the UK and further afield. Remember that our prime motivator is to look after you, our graduate candidate or client. Get that right and everyone wins:

You get access to a substantial pool (typically several hundred candidates from across the UK at any time) of energised, carefully pre-assessed graduate sales people. And all with the character that we know is right for selling. You get motivated people with the right approach that can be shaped into tomorrow’s sales stars. And you get these exciting people into your sales organisation’s graduate jobs with minimum disruption to your pressured work life as sales director or MD. You also get priceless peace of mind. That's because we deliver quality candidates with a guarantee that de-risks your sales force recruitment and mission-based sales training.

You’re treated with respect and given access to career and life-changing sales opportunities. Because we don’t use CVs for initial screening, a big variable in traditional recruitment is removed. And your prospects for getting into our bubbling graduate-talent pool are increased.

Because we insist on meeting all our graduates (client companies too) you have a great opportunity to demonstrate the character and personal attributes needed for success in professional sales. You also spend time with us here in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Trust us; even if you don’t progress forward to meet our clients (and most candidates who visit us do), you’ll get valuable sales and careers advice and learn things that will benefit you throughout your career.

By the way, it won’t be the ‘cattle market’ that you often associate with recruitment for graduate schemes either. We usually invite just half a dozen candidates to each sales awareness day. After that, things can move very fast indeed. Within a few weeks, you could be starting a fantastic new sales role. It happens…

And what about us?

That’s simple. By looking after clients and graduate candidates, we keep developing our recruitment bureau and building on the successes of the last couple of decades. And that means we can keep on helping our clients and graduates…

As you can see, everyone’s a winner. It’s all based on a culture of integrity, honesty, knowledge, skills and experience gained in professional selling. Best of all, as client and candidate testimonials show, it works.

Sales directors, MDs and graduates; let's talk

Your company could be in South East England, the South West, the North East, elsewhere in the UK or overseas. Wherever you operate, if you’ve a challenging sales job-spec to match, we should meet for that initial no-obligation consultation. Similarly, if you’re a graduate who’s worked in sales for a year or two since university and now wants a change, or you haven’t worked in sales, but believe you have what it takes…

Whether you need to recruit graduate-level sales people, arrange sales training, or you are an ambitious graduate-calibre canditate, we look forward to speaking. Please call us on +44 (0) 1452 346 346 or email us and we'll get back to you.