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Quite possibly the ‘strivers’ who will go on to become the sales ‘stars’ of tomorrow. You recognise the potential of graduates for sales jobs. But like us you prefer someone with a couple of years’ work experience. It could have been gained in a junior sales job since leaving university. Or the perfect candidate might not have worked in sales at all. Either way, what they will have is the sales ‘character’ that’s needed for success in tough sales environments.

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‘60 to 70 per cent of my sales revenue comes from Metamorphose.'


A provable record in sales graduate recruitment

As an experienced graduate recruitment consultant, that’s where we come in. We bring the best part of two decades’ sales, sales recruitment and sales training experience with organisations facing similar challenges to you. And we bring a solid record of getting results. This isn't an idle claim, but a fact that we can prove after years specialising in recruiting the cream of graduates. And training and coaching them for jobs at the heart of effective mission-based sales forces.

You may have just started as an MD or sales director and see the need for a salesforce shakeup. Or perhaps you’re tasked with delivering strategic sales objectives over several years. Or responsible for selling-in a new product – nationally or internationally. Whatever your reason for wanting to recruit graduate salespeople, we bring the skills, experience and proven ability to find, coach and mentor the sales people you need. From one trainee sales executive or key account manager to 50 (or more), we’ll handle it successfully.

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More on graduate sales recruitment - our way

Whether you’re in London or the South East, South West England, Manchester, the West Midlands or Scotland, when you’ve decided to recruit graduate salespeople it pays to use a recruiter like us. A recruitment agency that, as well as understanding sales, recruitment and training, understands and specialises in graduate sales people – and has full UK coverage.

Have you recognised how trying to recruit even a couple of sales people is a huge draw on your time? And a big distraction from your other tasks as MD or sales director? There’s so much at stake and not just the new recruits' ability to sell successfully for your business. The recruitment process is vitally important for your brand. If you recruit from a pool of, say 5000 graduates, and select just two, that leaves another 4998 who will go away with an impression – good or bad – of your company or brand. It’s a big responsibility, particularly if, for some reason, they take away a negative impression…

To do graduate recruitment right is a labour intensive, specialist process. We’ve built a reputation as a successful recruitment consultant, specialising in graduates for sales roles:

• Save you from lots of recruiting legwork.
• Freeing up your time to do more of what you do best (while we do the same).
• Mitigating recruitment risks (no up-front fees or retainers and free of charge replacement for an agreed period in the unlikely event that a candidate doesn’t work out).
• Offering a valuable scalable recruitment mechanism.
• Protecting your brand as if it were ours.

How do we achieve this? Being one of the biggest specialist graduate recruitment specialists in the UK helps (particularly because we keep the personal touch – with clients and graduates alike).

Then there’s a system that works. It should, given that, as professional sales people ourselves, we’ve continuously perfected our approach for the best part of two decades. And in the process, proving its effectiveness with some of the highest-profile names in UK and international business.

We keep a big, quality-packed graduate talent pool bubbling away. Clients love our full UK coverage and how we can very quickly access a pool of several hundred extremely talented graduates with a passion for selling and the right personal characteristics for sales. They’re all pre-assessed through our system, which always involves meeting them. Through a combination of telephone contact and attendance at our sales awareness days, we’ll have had six-to-eight hours’ contact with every candidate before we put them forward to you. And all the time, as well as assessing candidates' suitability, we’re passing on valuable advice and skills that will benefit you and them.

Our talent pool competes for the opportunity to see you. Unlike so much graduate recruitment, we never invite along 50 or 60 graduates before picking a handful for further assessment. To be honest, this approach simply doesn’t work; what’s more, we don’t think it respects the graduates that are essential for our businesses; moreover, it doesn’t do your reputation any favours.

Instead, we carefully screen a small pool of graduates for a group sales awareness day, from which we put forward the cream of the candidates (usually four to five per vacancy) that we think you should meet. That may sound unusually low, given recruitment norms for many graduate schemes, but it means we know our graduates extremely well. And our approach works, as hundreds of sales directors and MDs already know. Please ask to hear some of our graduate recruitment case studies.

We may have mentioned the lack of up-front fees and retainers earlier. Clients love how we ask them exactly what they want, then deliver it before asking for payment. How many other graduate recruiters work like that?

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In particular let’s talk about your likely requirement to fill any sales positions. A requirement that would benefit from the support of an experienced graduate recruitment company like ours.

Actually, let’s not talk any more. Instead, let’s just say that clients choose us because we get results and they see that the fit between our companies is spot on. It’s all about aligned values; and that’s something we’ll explore when you accept our invitation to meet for a no-obligation consultation.

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