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A unique approach to sales recruitment

Many recruitment agencies offer a ‘sales job recruitment’ service, but after a couple of decades, we honestly believe we can show you sales recruitment at a different level. Whether you need an internal sales executive or a field-based key account executive, our skills, experience and very different approach to sales recruitment makes us worth a chat.

How we're different

Are you tired of sales recruitment where an agency just presents a bunch of graduate CVs and asks you to choose the candidates you’d like to see for a particular job? Do you suspect (or know) that candidates haven’t met the agency – or if they have, only briefly? Did you doubt the recruiters’ desire to do much more than just ‘fill a post and get paid’?

Here's what our clients think

‘I am delighted with Dan's progress and so pleased we asked for Metamorphose's help. Not only have we found a great individual in Dan, but an excellent sales training and recruitment supplier should we need to further grow our team.'


The people that determine your success

Maybe this kind of approach has a place for certain job types. However, based on our experience as sales people, trainers and recruiters, it’s simply not sufficient for choosing and recommending high-calibre salesmen and women. Especially sales people who will be so important for determining your company's future success. Everything else your company does – production, delivery, after-sales care, ongoing support and repeat business, leading to a sustained, profitable revenue stream – only happens after someone sells something. Therefore, they’d better be the best. And that’s where, as a specialist sales recruitment agency in high-quality graduate-level recruitment, we can help…

If sales matters to your organisation and you need salespeople with the right attitudes and character,
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More on recruiters specialising in sales

What’s prompted your requirement for one, five, or 35 new sales people? Do you want more ‘strivers’ who can be developed into the sales 'stars' of tomorrow? Alternatively, perhaps it’s a mission-based requirement prompted by your board’s commitment to an ambitious new sales strategy. Or you’re planning a major product launch requiring a specialist sales force – and 20 new sales positions urgently need to be filled…

Any of these reasons, and others, could be what initiates the sales recruitment process. When it does, whether you need salespeople in London, UK-wide or globally, we’re sure you'll agree that your recruitment partner must be equally special?

A question: does the following sound like typical recruitment agencies for graduates? That’s because we’re not…

We spend 6–8 hours with every candidate – in-depth exposure to candidates before we put them forward. We always meet candidates and typically spend 6–8 hours getting to know them, including time spent when they attend one of our small (typically six people) sales sales awareness days. Our process delivers carefully, thoroughly, assessed and understood candidates for B2B field sales, key account, and internal sales roles.

We’re realistic – we never ‘sugar-coat’ a tough recruitment job. If it’s a particularly challenging one, we’ll be honest with you (and explain why). Then we’ll get on with the task. Experience shows that we’ve a good record of accomplishment with tough recruitment briefs. This approach sits perfectly with our commitment to integrity and honesty with clients and candidates alike. Ask us about a few when we meet!

And experienced – nearly 20 years’ (and counting) in graduate recruitment for sales jobs. Talk to many people in the sales world and you’ll find we're often (we’re not boasting, it’s a fact) regarded as the graduate recruitment company for sales roles. And arguably one of the top recruitment agencies for sales in the UK.

Salespeople only – a recruiter who specialises in salesmen and saleswomen (and only sales people) – not sales directors or sales managers, but B2B sales people. They will usually be university graduates, but rarely new graduates. That’s because experience shows the value of hiring graduates who are, maybe, a couple of years out of university. Perhaps a graduate who has spent time in a first sales job and now wants to progress. Or someone who hasn’t worked in sales since university, but genuinely wants to. Don’t worry, we’ll find out how committed they are.

A confidence-inspiring, low-hassle recruitment process – a straightforward recruitment process that removes the worry and risk from business-critical sales recruitment. And gives you confidence that the new recruits will be right for your organisation?

We concentrate on ‘sales character’ – sales people who aren’t selected just by reading CVs (we all know how good everyone looks on a CV). Instead, we assess candidates on the suitability of their character and attitudes for professional sales jobs. If a candidate’s personal attributes are right, everything else can be trained, which we do.

Ongoing training and coaching after appointment – as specialist sales trainers, we give your new sales person, business development executive, technical sales executive or internal sales agent the training and coaching they need.

You only pay when you are satisfied.

We won’t approach your new sales people – rest assured that we’ll never approach the sales people we place with you for other jobs in future.

We’ve reached these standards after the best part of two decades’ working in sales, sales training and specialist B2B sales recruitment. Experience, and our results for clients, shows that working like this is essential to give you, and the graduates that we select, the best service.

We can back up every claim we make and prove the veracity of every testimonial we use. The strongest proof of our ability as a recruitment agency specialising in sales is our track record. And our demonstrable reputation in our profession. The fact that so many clients come back to us repeatedly for their sales recruitment is also revealing.

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