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Does this sound familiar?

You’ve recruited experienced sales people who simply don't deliver what you expected. Their CVs impressed; they interviewed well and said the right things. And their references checked out. They command top-level basic, several months’ income guarantees, sales bonuses and an expensive car or car allowance. Then you get the recruiter’s fee. Ouch! And for what?

They start, but do they perform?

Do they work as hard as you expect and adopt your methods? Or do they bring preconceived ideas? It's months until you find out if they’re the stars you thought they were – or not.

The traditional route for recruiting experienced sales staff is expensive and risky. And the success rate? Well, what’s yours? In contrast, our model is compelling, amazing value and it works. Please read on...

Here's what our clients think

‘Metamorphose did a fantastic job to hit our deadline and we were all most impressed by the professionalism of the team and the service they offered.'


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Methodologies that work

Our methodologies work whether you only need one new recruit or you’re under pressure to deliver longer term sales objectives. Maybe you must quickly build a sales force to launch a new product into a challenging domestic or international marketplace. Or you’re the ‘white knight’ tasked with a much-needed sales revival at your company.

With responsibilities like these, you’re in a special league and deserve a special partner for graduate sales recruitment and training. We can help find graduate sales people for these jobs. It’s what we’ve done for the best part of 20 years. We get results and can prove it. Okay, so every recruiter says that. But when we sit down for your no-obligation initial consultation, you'll see. Just as we prove our capabilities and methods whenever delighted clients come back for more of our specialist recruitment expertise.

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More on specialist sales recruitment

From experience, if you’re going to be a successful sales recruitment bureau offering specialist recruitment services, it makes sense to focus on certain kinds of job.

•   Field sales executive
•   Key account manager
•   Business development executive
•   Internal sales agent
•   International sales executive

We specialise in sales roles, not sales managers or sales directors. If you’re like our other discerning clients, we’re sure you’ll appreciate the focus this brings to your recruitment. It also means we understand your need for sales people, and graduates’ ambitions for sales positions, inside out.

Another characteristic that gives clients reassuring clarity is that we only do B2B sales recruitment. Business-to-business selling is what we know and what we concentrate on. There’s another specialism.

As a rule, we specialise in B2B sales recruitment, training and coaching for certain sectors. Typically, these are business areas without high sales team attrition. And where salaries for sales jobs are sufficiently large that our recruitment fee doesn't appear disproportionate. Think about sales positions with annual salaries exceeding £20k, plus car and benefits and significant annual OTE. You’ll have a pretty good idea of where our services come into their own.

Here’s a representative selection of the sales recruitment areas that we consider ideally suited to our skills and experience:

• Manufacturing
• Engineering
• Medical sales (but generally not pharmaceutical sales)
• Financial services
• IT & technology

These are only for guidance. As can-do recruiters, we’re always keen to discuss your recruitment challenge and target markets. Do you need a new sales executive for North West England or an internal salesperson for London and South East England? If we can help and are confident that our capabilities match your requirement, we’ll tell you.

Because we only invoice when we've successfully filled your vacancy, we won’t waste your time if we don’t think we'll be successful. If that’s the case, we may be able to recommend another company that might be able to help.

And so to the type of candidates that we specialise in. Our specialism is graduate sales recruitment – typically not recent graduates but graduates with at least a couple of years’ real-world experience. Their experience may have been gained in sales, or in an entirely different field. The important thing is that they’re suitably motivated for a professional sales position. And that they have the right character and personal attributes. From experience, we know that if they have these, specific sales skills can be successfully taught and supported with ongoing coaching and mentoring. It’s a lot easier to instil sales skills where someone has the right attitudes and character than the other way around…

So how do we make sure our graduate sales candidates have the attributes required for success in your sales jobs?

We get to know your ideal graduates for six to eight hours

For a start, we don’t use CVs for initial screening. Secondly, we always meet our graduate-level candidates. Not just at a conventional sales recruitment interview either, but at a specialist sales awareness day at our Gloucestershire offices.

This complements the phone contact we have with candidates. By the time we put someone forward for your sales job, we’ve interacted with them for between six and eight hours. We do this on the phone, face to face in groups of six or seven people and in one-to-one meetings.

Traditional methods don’t work; ours do

That’s right, only a handful of carefully screened graduate candidates attend each of our graduate sales awareness days. We don’t agree with the ‘cattle market’ approach to graduate recruitment used by so many recruiters. Bringing together 30 to 50 graduates, then picking two or three before dismissing the rest isn't good for you or us. Nor is it respectful to graduates. Most importantly, in our experience it simply doesn’t work and isn’t good practice. So we do things our way and clients love the results we achieve. So do our graduates, who often go on to become clients…

Because we use this method, we build a high-quality pool of pre-assessed graduates (typically several hundred, depending on the vacancy). We can also accurately match graduates to your sales requirement, which gives a high success rate.

Because we know each candidate well, we can put them forward with confidence and de-risk your graduate recruitment. By the way, when we recruit for any graduate job, we don’t ask for up-front payment or retainers. And you don’t pay us until we’ve met your graduate recruitment brief. We also offer a free replacement service (for an agreed period) to cover the unlikely possibility that any of our candidates leaves your organisation.

Please contact our graduate recruitment bureau

If this sounds like the graduate recruitment service to help you meet your sales challenges, we should start a conversation. Of course, initial consultations with an experienced recruitment consultant (at your office or ours) are free and without obligation.

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