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Facing sales-related challenges?

Our clients typically rely on our services when they face a serious sales-related challenge and need effective sales training.

For instance, your sales team is in place and it’s pretty good. But sometimes you think it could perform better. Or your salespeople face a tactical sales challenge requiring new selling skills? And what if you are new to your organisation and want to shake up the sales team with a refresher on essential selling skills?

Bespoke sales courses that improve your performance

Whatever's got you thinking about sales training and development, and whatever your team’s needs, our bespoke sales courses will improve sales performance.

Here's what our clients think

‘The Mission was really useful; it allowed us to measure the ability of our sales people and identify any skills gaps in a realistic training environment. Each sales scenario presented a new challenge for the guys and it was fascinating to see them work on their own and as part of a team. The learning we have taken from the Mission is invaluable and will undoubtedly inform decisions we make about sales team structure and any additional training and development. Thank you, Metamorphose.'


Successfully training sales people like yours

We both know sales environments and the necessary selling skills change. And that assembling strong field and telephone sales teams is only half the challenge. That’s where our sales training courses, supported by field coaching, give you an edge. Has your micro business just recruited its first business development manager? Are you one of the world’s biggest companies? Either way, we successfully train sales people to work more effectively, and more profitably, for companies like yours.

To discover what’s different about how we train large and small sales teams for companies like yours,
please call +44 (0) 1452 346 346 or email us. Or to learn more about our approach to sales training, read on...

More on sales training courses

The majority of the training we do for organisations facing similar challenges to yours is what we call mission-based training. You start with an objective. Whether its completion is three months, a year or five years down the line, you know sales are the answer. Now all you need is the optimum combination of sales and sales management skills. Unfortunately, whether it’s with face-to-face or telephone selling, you’re unsure whether your team has the skills to deliver that objective.

We’ll show you what we achieve for others. First, call us in for a chat. That’s when we show you how we work and what we already do for organisations like yours. There’s no taking chances here. We can, and will, demonstrate that we successfully do what we say we will.

Then we thoroughly research your requirement and design a bespoke sales training programme with sales courses and related sales training as required. When we plan sales training for a customer, nothing is superfluous: if you don’t need something, we won’t try to impose it. What we will do is prepare a programme of training to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

By the way, we won’t keep your sales force sitting in the classroom longer than necessary. Nor will we try to impose lots of nice-to-know, but non-essential, theory. The content of your sales course will be determined by your team’s requirements. Whether we agree on one day, two days’ or a week's training, we’ll always explain our rationale clearly – and why we believe it's appropriate.

You’ve probably experienced sales training role-play. A video recorder, telephone and a couple of seats across a desk has its place. However, major sales challenges like yours demand something different. In particular, we believe it’s essential for sophisticated sales training challenges to get a more realistic, more authentic, training approach. So that’s what we provide.

So we design basic or advanced sales training courses with scenarios, props and realism to mimic real life in ways that may surprise you. You sell to surgeons? We create a training scenario, complete with realistic medical equipment and props that accurately replicates a medical sales environment.

The same applies if your target customer is an architect, builders' merchant or public sector organisation such as the NHS. And what if you regularly sell expensive capital equipment or high-value services to sophisticated overseas purchasing units – maybe where English isn't their first language? We create sales training environments with multiple locations, realistic timescales and detailed replication of sales stages to train salespeople with authentic, immersive experiences.

Whatever bespoke sales training we arrange, it’s essential that it's painstakingly designed, inclusive, engaging and realistic as it mimics the challenges facing your sales force. In fact, our proven approach is the antithesis of standard ‘off the shelf’ ‘catalogue training’. It’s about as close as we – and your course attendees – can get to the real thing. In fact, because it’s invariably tougher than real-life sales situations, your team is more than well prepared.

We could describe what we do in as much detail as you want here. And show you glowing, genuine, testimonials from delighted clients. As with all we do, integrity is everything. However, experience shows that the best way to understand the appropriateness of our approach is to arrange an initial no-obligation consultation. Wherever you are, we’ll come to you. And while we’re there, you’ll see for yourself how different (and effective) our sales training courses are.

And of course, you get that all-important video of the training to take away, so the learning can continue.

New sales team? Existing sales team needs new impetus? A special sales task and a very short timescale? Or maybe the board just gave you an incredibly challenging five-year sales target? These are all things that prompt companies like yours to ask for our support with sales training courses.

Your team may be in the UK, focused on central London or operating internationally. Either way, several decades’ practical sales, sales recruitment and sales training means we can make a positive difference to your sales performance. If you’re serious about delivering sales targets, yet have any concerns about your team’s ability to do so, we should start a conversation.

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From basic sales training to advanced key account management skills, we can show you how our bespoke sales training courses are proven to make the difference to teams like yours. To arrange your no-obligation consultation, please call +44 (0) 1452 346 346 or email us now…