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Sales Techniques That Do and Don’t Work

Getting a product to produce a desired ROI is fundamental to a business’s success, but being able to get the product sold may be a bit easier said than done for some. Appropriately strategising your selling methodology is essential to the success or failure. And where you could go walking around with a sandwich board around your neck, here are a few techniques which will give you better results.

Strategies that work

The key to a successful strategy is to have a plan. Businesses cannot just place a product image on the internet or Facebook and hope to see sales. When considering your selling technique you should:

Challenge the standard – If your selling process is the “standard” then your clientele will view your product/service as being the same as everyone else’s. Breaking away from the Yes and No and one size fits all mentality of the sell to a solution oriented way in which to sell your product challenges the potential buyer to make a decision. Force your buyer to see that change (and thereby a purchase of your product/services) is needed. Do not leave them with the option of no-decision.

Tell a story to spark interest – Customers want to be entertained as well as informed. But greater still, investors want to have their ego stroked. Tell the customer’s story and not your own. When you present the story to the customer do not use the “Here I am look at me and what I have” approach, but use the customer within the story to (1) present a problem that the customer has and (2) to present a solution.

Socialise – Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are your marketing friends. As the SERPs of Google are based upon organic content, it behoves the seller to have a social media presence. This means that the company engages with potential clients and builds relationships with potential buyers. Allow for comments, shares, and snippets to maximise the sharing potential. The more exposure that you have the more apt you are to see higher sales.

Keep in mind that these points are of no effect if you do not know the product you are selling inside and out. Sellers must be able to discuss the pros and cons of their product/service, the ROI to potential investors, the solution to the problem in a creative way, and have definitive answers for any questions or concerns which may arise. A company that appears to be inexperienced and unknowledgeable about what they are trying to sell is sure to see failure.

Strategies that do not work

Apart from not understanding your product or service that you are selling, you should avoid some of the more damaging techniques. Selling techniques which have shown themselves to be a waste of time and finances include:

Over “fluffing” your SEO articles – If your selling technique is SEO oriented and your blogs and articles are too saturated with keywords rather than information and relative content, your readers and potential buyers will see it for what it is, a means to show up in the search engines.

Do not give a PowerPoint presentation – This methodology of presenting a sales pitch is outdated and cliché. No one wants to sit through a presentation with the slide screen animations and the bouncy text. It has become dull, boring, and appears novice. Buyers want to have something more engaging. When potential buyers are engaged in the selling technique they are more prone to want to continue the experience through a purchase.

Selling techniques are constantly evolving and businesses should strive to break the boundaries of the norm. At the same time, businesses must realise that there is a thin line between innovative and insane. Keep your selling strategy professional, creative, and above all about the client and the solution that you present to their problem and you are sure to have success.

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