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Have you got your next sales superstar already in your business, just not currently in a sales role?

Have you got your next sales superstar already in your business, just not currently in a sales role?

(How about this...a recruitment company that suggests you look at the talent you have before you look at recruiting new salespeople.  Have they gone mad!)

I sit with business owners, sales directors every day, and they describe the type of individual or graduate that they are looking to recruit into their sales team.

They use words such as; hungry, determined, a self starter, a hard worker, ambitious, someone who takes ownership and thrives under pressure, someone who is prepared to pick up the phone, someone who wants the chance and will grab it with both hands.  Often they are describing themselves without realising it.

Have talent already?

One of the first questions I would ask is, does this person already exist in your company, just not currently in sales?  Perhaps you just haven't seen it in them?  Are they are doing a non sales role, driving a fork lift, working in customer services, project managing.  Given the chance, and the skills, could they become the salesperson that you would otherwise be using meta-morphose to help you recruit?

These talented people that have aspirations, have goals, have dreams will fulfil them, perhaps they are not fulfilling them with you now, they may well find someone else out there who does see their potential and they will benefit from this person's success.

But they need training!

However, I hear you say, these people may exist here, but they need the sales skills and training to start to become effective in selling.  Yes, couldn't agree more.

That's where we come in, meta-morphose, we regularly have existing employee's on our Inspirational Selling programme.  Three modules of sales training so they have the skills. AND, to further ensure success, we provide regular telephone coaching to ensure training is being implemented and your asset is growing and selling.

So what do I do now?

Before you look at bringing talent in, just take a look around the business, anyone you have already that knows you, you products and services, your customers.  They may well be lower risk of failure, and less expensive than bringing someone new in.


But don't forget, they will need our sales training to become most effective most quickly! 


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