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Survey - Top 3 Frustrations Sales Directors say when looking to recruit new salespeople

A recent survey has revealed the top 3 frustrations felt by Sales Directors in their endless challenge to find new sales talent for their business.  We have seen this before and these frustrations seem as relevant today as they have been since we started in 1996.


Top 3 frustrations Sales Directors tell us they face when recruiting sales people…

1.     Agencies 'they waste my time and they are an expensive irritant but what else can I do?'

2.    'People in the market say the right things at interview but it’s only later after you have taken them on that you realise what they are really like!'

3.    'New recruits want bigger packages and they want it now before they’ve earned it.'


And I could go on, and I expect you could too.  If this has struck a chord then please make contact and we can see if we can help.





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