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Steph's story.  Anyone doubting whether sales is a profession for them read this

Steph's story. Anyone doubting whether sales is a profession for them read this

Why should you go into business to business sales?  Not sure?  Read this.

My name is Steph and this is my story.

12 years ago I left university having spent 4 years studying Equine and Human sports science, with no real idea what I wanted to do! I decided I wanted to be a primary school teacher so applied for my PGCE 1 year top up course. I got accepted onto this course but had already booked to go travelling.  I decided that the course could wait until the year after when I was back. So off I went to travel the world for 9 months. When I got back I had 6 months to wait until the academic year started, so I put My CV online to see what would happen, well, the start of my story into medical sales happened! meta-morphose contacted me and asked me to come in for a selection day, I thought, why not, even if I just do it for the summer it will be some money coming in!

I got through the selection day and was given the opportunity to interview for a corporate medical device business.  To be honest I had no idea what I was getting myself into, until that day I didn’t even know there were jobs out there selling medical equipment to hospitals! I did my research and off I went for my first ever interview.  I was successful in the interview process and started my career as a medical sales professional working for the hernia repair team.

During my first year I attended the training courses supplied by meta-morphose, where they taught me what I was supposed to do! And having my mentor Paula for that first year was invaluable! Paula my coach was someone to talk to, someone to ask the stupid questions, someone who could help me.  I also met some amazing people whilst at meta-morphose, many of whom I have kept in touch with, in particular another graduate called Kate, we became firm friends and she was my bridesmaid at my wedding last year! Kate has also been hugely successful in her sales career since we met at meta-morphose all those years ago.

I worked in the hernia team for four years, winning new-comer of the year and ‘presidents club’ twice. I had found something that I not only really enjoyed and was incredibly passionate about, but that apparently I was really good at, and the rewards were amazing! Big commission cheques every quarter, I bought my first house within 12 months, and trips to some truly amazing places, Barbados, St Moritz, Morocco to name a few.

After 4 years I decided I wanted to challenge myself again and moved into a new therapy area that specialised in Spinal implants for deformity patients. This was a whole new challenge, and a big step away from the comfort of a large corporate, but I learnt so much about how a business works. I spent 3 years here building a territory from £0 to over £1 Million!  Again, it came with the rewards, 2 ‘chairman’s club’ wins taking me to the Virgin Islands and Miami and multiple trips to the states.

I then got a call from 2 people I used to work with, they had moved to a women’s health company, and there was an opportunity within the team and they wondered if I was interested, so I did a bit of research and decided this was the right move for me. It was a much larger company and gave me the development opportunities that I was looking for. I started in the sales team as a surgical sales specialist, and within 2 years the opportunity arose for me to interview for the national sales manager role within the surgical team. I took the opportunity and I am now entering my 3rd year managing the surgical business within the UK and the 10 Direct reports I have in to me. Again I have worked incredibly hard but have been rewarded by winning ‘circle of excellence’ which has taken me to the Maldives and Sri Lanka! Sales is very much the more you put in, the more you will get out! And who doesn’t want to work hard for great financial rewards and holidays!

Why do I love working in the sales profession and specifically in medical devices? Because every day our business changes the lives of our patients, I have always worked for companies that sell gold standard products and that are clinically proven to be beneficial to the patients and that are always looking for innovation to bring to the market. I love that my team and I are making a huge difference. No sales job is without its challenges, but the targets and the obstacles that are put in front of me, are exactly what drive and motivate me to keep going and to be the best I can be. The other big why for me is to be able to provide for my family and to have an incredibly fulfilling job with a great career.

At no point along the way did I truly know where this path would take me, but I knew that I was having a great time along the way and that I was open to every opportunity that comes my way.

So what’s next? I’m not sure yet! We will have to see what opportunities present themselves, but I do know it will be within the medical device industry and will absolutely be in the sales profession.


All I can say is I am sooooooo glad I didn’t go in to teaching!


I’m passionate about bringing Grads into Sales and giving them a chance to shine, I have 3 in my team now and they are brilliant! If I hadn’t been given the opportunity by meta-morphose and Matt, my first manager hadn’t taken a chance on me I wouldn’t be where I am now!


 If you are thinking of sales, just make sure you partner with a business that will look after you and train you.  Then with lots of hard work you can get your goals.






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