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Scoring in the Red Zone - Rugby World Cup.

Scoring in the Red Zone - Rugby World Cup.

Scoring in the Red Zone.  Rugby World Cup

I’m hearing more and more about the importance of taking points once we get into the red zone, the space between the 22m line and the try line.  Having worked so hard after phase upon phase, putting your body on the line, creating the chance to score.  Recognising how important it is to come away with something, if not a try then 3 points, to keep up momentum, to keep the scoreboard ticking over.  

It’s one of my biggest headaches with salespeople who seem to think it’s ok to miss out at the final hurdle.  Not covering off what could go wrong, before it goes wrong.  Accepting nothing when we could have got something. 

It needs 100% in every phase of the sale, especially in the Red Zone, after all we’ve worked so hard to get there, so make it count.

In our sales process it's the Commit Stage.  If we don't manage this stage through to conclusion, then deals will fall out.






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