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You can teach old dogs...

You can teach old dogs...

You can teach old dogs…

I hear all too often…’Why should I invest in sales training for my existing team, they have been here a while, they have been around in sales for years, they know what they are doing, some are better than others, they may not be as hungry as they were, perhaps they spend too much time with their favourite clients, maybe they play golf occasionally when they shouldn’t, maybe they don’t make the prospecting calls they should…but hey they do ok’.  Sound familiar!

Sounds like everyone is happy with continuing with the status quo, where’s the urgency, where’s the drive and ambition?

You may have a team of old dogs, but it’s may be your job to get them to learn new tricks and to jump through hoops.  Don’t give up on them.

Imagine if this team just did an extra 5% more than they do now, because their boss was driven to helping them to make it happen. But where do you start? 

Our Sales Mission wakes salespeople up and reminds them you can teach old dog!





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