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Reuters publish Deloitte Survey - Hiring cuts!

Reuters publish Deloitte Survey - Hiring cuts!

Reuters – 14th October – Deloitte Survey

UK firms to cut costs & hiring in next 12 months…

Prolonged political uncertainty is forcing finance directors to cut costs and hold off hiring to help companies prepare for an unpredictable year ahead, according to a survey by Deloitte.

The audit of 91 chief financial officers of some of Britain's largest companies showed that a renewed focus on cost control will be a strong priority for six in 10 of respondents over the next year, the highest level for 10 years.  


meta-morphose – Our view

We talk to Sales Directors every day, and we hear a similar message.  However, Sales Directors also tell us that their sales quota’s remain the same regardless  so they need creative solutions to bringing talent into the business.

Our model means Sales Directors can fulfil hiring requirements at half the cost of an experienced recruit, and strangely, with our training our meta-grads hit the ground running and perform, they punch way above their weight.

If you are worried about how to recruit, develop and keep talent in the current climate talk to us!








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