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It's 'NO NO NO'  not  'HO HO HO'  - This is not a Christmas message

It's 'NO NO NO' not 'HO HO HO' - This is not a Christmas message

It’s ‘NO, NO, NO not HO, HO, HO’    -   Don’t worry this is not a Christmas message.

The message here is a request to HR, Sales Directors, Managing Directors.   Don’t put off hiring, recruiting decisions or indeed sales training decisions until the new year.  Why?  Let me explain.

In the run up to Christmas and the new year everyone is so busy, we have a perception that during the festive season things may quiet down, so we can leave those activities that we don’t see as mandatory or urgent until the new year.  Well that’s reasonable, or is it?

The problem is that everyone is thinking the same, so everyone leaves recruiting decisions until the new year, and this means that in the new year if you are hiring you now find yourself competing with just about everyone else in your space. 

Now if you are the main brand, or the key player in your sector, you may not worry about this, as you will attract candidates regardless.  However, if you are the household ‘name’ or the No 1 in your space that naturally attracts by itself, then you could be severely limiting your chances of a successful recruitment.   Simply put candidates har far more choice.  So to attract you may have to up your offer, before Christmas is very different.

In addition to this, our experience is that candidates that would be looking in the new year have made the decision to move and are active pre-Christmas.  They would ideally want to go into the new year ready to start their new role.

There are also significant benefits in positive Onboarding for candidates that you have offered and ready to start in the new year, ut we can advise on that.


So beat the rush, do it NOW!  There are huge benefits of making the recruiting decision before Christmas.  Particularly if you take onboarding seriously.  But we can talk about that.

And NOW is the time to do it, we only need 3 weeks to help you find new sales talent that is looking for a career not a job, that wants to grow into one of your top stars, and will want to stay with you.

I know you are busy, but if you are serious about getting talent into your business, do it now don’t wait until the new year.

Then you may well have a merry merry Christmas!






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