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Sales Secrets Revealed

Sales Secrets Revealed

It is a bit discouraging when looking to find the best sales techniques and strategies in today’s world, primarily because there is so much information available. The internet is filled with people putting in their two pence on how a business can and should run to secure sales.

Yet, where is the author’s validation? In order for a business to thrive they must mimic those businesses and institutions which have proven themselves to be creditable. We pride ourselves on our results driven sales training and although there is no magic wand that will boost sales, relying upon the sales secrets of already successful sources will greatly increase a business’s chance for success.

So here are a few secrets…

Practice Good Listening
Being able to communicate is a two-way street. Unfortunately, for many sales team members it poses a difficulty. The eagerness in which to sell a product tends to outweigh the ability to listen to the potential buyer and understand in full the problem which they are having. Yes, you should have a clear reason for your call, with a strong brief statement to explain who you are and the benefits you bring. But, you also need to have a desire and the skill to engage and talk to the prospect.

Ask questions that probe deep
It has been often stated that when you are trying to sell a product you need to go beyond the general request of the client to find out the specific need of the potential investor. In many cases a prospect may tell you that “We’re looking to boost our energy efficiency” but will not divulge what sectors need boosting or how they wish to do so. It is your job as the sales representative to probe deeper into the conversation. If you immediately tell the prospect that you have a product that meets his needs… you aren’t a very smart sales person. You must gather more information in order to offer the best product to meet your prospect’s needs.

Understand your market
There is nothing really “new” which is presented to the market. There are only things which have a new use and a new perspective. This being stated, businesses should take the time to map the competitive landscape. What strategies are competitors using which are working, which are failing? Are there advantages of your product over their product? How are customers responding to the product and what are their demands/expectations? By understanding the market, you are better equipped to present your product more effectively.

Most importantly be truthful
One of the top reasons that people avoid sales members and seek out information on their own is due to the misconception that all sales people lie in order to secure the sale. Where some people may expound upon the details of a product falsely, most businesses would agree that being truthful about your product is the ethical as well as best sales methodology for gaining customer loyalty and obtaining the second sale.

Be truthful about your product, listen to your customers and provide solutions, and go beyond the general assumptions of a need before offering your sales pitch and you will find that you will be more apt to place the product within the customer’s expectations and hands.

We are one of the UK's best-performing graduate sales training and recruitment companies out there and our track record speaks for itself. Our graduates go on to enjoy the most successful sales careers (and pick up awards along the way), while our clients benefit from the skills of some of the most effective sales people available.






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