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Sales Training versus Sales Enablement

Businesses have traditionally relied upon their employees to present their product and services to the potential client. It is for this reason that companies are happy to spend part of their budget on sales training. Yet, is sales training enough for a modern day sales strategy? In this article we take a look in detail at sales training and sales enablement.

What is the difference between training and enablement?

If you think of a building’s construction, then sales training would be the foundation and enablement would be everything built upon that foundation to secure a sale. The training element helps people become better at selling, it gives them the skills to identify opportunities and influence decision makers.

The sales enablement process is a little different. The enablement element aims to give salespeople the right tools and resources they need to complete the job.

Businesses should not abandon the traditional sales training as it is fundamental to the organisation, but they should also consider implementing sales enablement too in order to achieve the maximum amount of sales possible.

Sales Training First

However, in our opinion, sales training should be a business's first priority.

In sales training, employees are often taught about specific products or services that the company offer, they learn about the mechanics, functionality and specifications. This ensures employees are able to give customers enough information about a product in order to drive a decision.

Sales Enablement After

But, many organisations believe it is unwise to just stop at sales training and believe sales enablement also plays a vital role.

Over the last few years sales enablement has suffered a bit of an identity crisis, but as mentioned above it is all about equipping a sales team with the right resources, tools or technology to help increase sales. This could be in the form of introducing a CRM or purchasing iPads. Sales enablement will also provide employees with a set selling structure or process.

Those organisations that choose to move forward with sales enablement believe that a dedicated sales team must have employees that are on board with the company’s brand and vision, their marketing, and social media presence, every member must be a part of every element. Therefore sales enablement takes the “This is my product that I am offering to you” mentality and changes it into a “Here is the solution to your problem.”

But, remember the first rule in sales enablement is motivation. The more motivated you can make your team, the more enthusiastic they will be in showcasing your brand, values, and product to potential investors.

One Time Training?

As there is so much evolution to a product’s marketing and a business’s brand it is almost impossible to have a one-time sales training session and be done with it. Lots of organisations choose to hold refresher sales training and see great results. Other organisations choose to hold sales enablement whenever they launch new products, as another example.

If you would like to talk about sales training or enablement, get in touch to discuss how we can help.





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