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You CAN teach old dogs....

You CAN teach old dogs....

You CAN teach old dogs…

Sales training is not just for those individuals with a desire for learning to how to sell for the first time.  We believe that our tried and tested sales techniques are as relevant for experienced sale professionals as they are for fresh graduates on the launch-pad of their sales career.

Quite understandably some experienced sales people can be reluctant when it comes to sales training, especially if they have been performing at a certain level for some time. To them training would appear to be “going over old ground” or no need, “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it”. 

Some people may say there is no harm in this, after all experience is valuable and some individuals may have found a consistent winning formula. However, at meta-morphose, we have proved, time after time, that by refreshing these techniques and learning new ones has a positive effect on individual and team sales performance.  They SELL more.

Recent training programmes have received comments from delegates who were surprised themselves, as to how easy the techniques were to apply. Many, found it very useful to understand how they could improve.  Some would say, it's about reducing old or bad habits that have crept in.  


Failure to pick you the phone

Believing what worked yesterday will work again today

Not listening or failing to pick up on what the customer is really saying

Making assumptions, as seen it all before

Feature dumping, forgetting the relevance of benefits

Not asking the searching or difficult questions

Assuming it will never work

Missing the opportunity to seek referrals

Not applying tried and tested sales structure techniques

Our training programmes address these habits and provide sales people of varying experience with the tools and techniques to improve their overall sales effectiveness.  

By focusing on call structure, questioning, listening, developing proposals and presentations, delegates can practice while training and then apply the learning as soon as they get back in the work place.

The unique experience which we have gained as one of the UK's leading graduate sales recruitment and training companies enables us to create training programmes like no one else -

Something really special which delivers dramatic and lasting benefits. We apply this experience to an organisation's wider sales operation - enabling experienced sales teams to shift their performance upwards through a structured combination of situational and experiential training.

If you have a sales individuals in your team that you feel would benefit from learning  new tricks by way of refresher, foundation or advanced sales training then call us now - 01452 346 346.










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