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The Answers you seek are in the questions you ask!  If you're in sales this is important.

The Answers you seek are in the questions you ask! If you're in sales this is important.

The answers you seek are in the questions you ask...

Here's an illustration of the benefits of asking specific questions, this comes from a true story from John Cainnes’ ‘The Effective Entrepreneur’ showing the powerful effect of being specific rather than general.


The managing director of a national house-building firm was making a Friday visit to
one of its development sites. He could have asked the site manager ‘how are things
This would have been a common but general question to ask and would
probably have elicited the response 'Not so bad, thanks’, which would have been an
inconsequential answer to an inconsequential question.

However, the question he did ask was ‘What was the last complaint you have had?’ This is a specific question that requires a specific answer.

In this instance, it turns out that this was a problem with a bathroom tap. The next and
really quite obvious question to ask is ‘Is that just an isolated complaint or have there been others like that?’ In this case it turned out that bathroom taps presented quite a frequent problem.

On checking by phone with other site managers, it also turns out to have been even more widespread. As a consequence, all the site managers were instructed to come in the following day, irrespective of it being the weekend, to ensure that the tap problem was fixed for all new homes on all new sites. It was non-negotiable instruction. The problem was duly resolved.

The consequences of being non-specific would have cost the company time,
materials, money, customer satisfaction and its reputation.


meta-morphose Inspirational Selling programme focuses on great questioning techniques, so that we can uncover key information from our prospects.  The probing to understand the issues and real pain that exists for our prospects.

This means that when we position the features and benefits of our solutions, they can be directly targeted and relevant to the important issues our prospects face.










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