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Is there TALENT in your business now, that if overlooked will become someone else's star?

Do you have someone in your business that has the capacity to become your next sales super star?

Is there TALENT in your business now, that if overlooked will become someone else's star?

I sit in front of Sales Directors and Managing Directors every day, business owners, typically of SME businesses, business people who are desperate to recruit new sales talent to their team.

They see this as an important element of their business growth, plus an important decision they really don't want to get wrong.  It can be massively expensive, not just in direct costs such as recruitment fee's, but the indirect costs of missing sales revenue from an under performing territory, this is typically far higher than the direct costs.

I talk to them about what makes a great salesperson for them, what are the characteristics of their top sales performer.  They invariably will describe this person in terms of their character, their desire, their ambition, customer focus, their attitude.

Now my goal as a Director at meta-morphose is to show them how we can help them recruit this talent.  However, I am always amazed at the fact they may have this talent already in the business.  Doing something else.

Many times I will ask them about others in their business, probably not in the sales arena, perhaps they work in the warehouse, perhaps in sales support, people that demonstrate these same   characteristics as their top sales people, WHY aren't they being considered for the opportunity of growing into a sales role?  

Why bring someone else in to the business, when you have someone in the business with the right characteristics but unlikely to possess the sales skills.  These employee's, they know you, they know your products and services, they know your customers, but more importantly you know them, you probably rate them.  So why not consider them?

Typically the answer is...they need sales training, they need support, we don't have the capability, I don't have the time, we can't manage them, it will take too long for them to be productive.

Well, I have to say, that's where we come in.  We will treat them as if they are a meta-grad, we put them on our Inspirational Selling programme, we will provide them with a dedicated coach, we will provide same coach for their sales manager.  We provide a facility to give them the skills they need, coach them to use the skills, enable this natural talent to develop quickly into a sales asset.

A final thought...

Where were you before someone saw your potential, who was prepared to give you a shot.  How did you get into sales?  Aren't you looking for someone just like you...well you may just have them in the business right now.  Take a look, then call me for a chat!

Roy Bowles - Director meta-morphose






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