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What's the biggest lesson you have learned about 1. Selling? 2. About yourself in sales?

meta-morphose Graduates on a recent sales training event were asked two questions.  The event was the final module of their 3 module programme.  

1.  What's been the biggest lesson you have learned about selling?  

2.  What's been the biggest lesson you have learned about yourself?  

These graduates are from a range of clients, large corporates, SME's, selling a range of products or services.  They have had 3 modules of training over their first 12 months of employment.


1.  What's been the biggest lesson you have learned about selling?  

“Structure equals confidence”

“Sales is not black and white. A variety (of different types) of people can do it”

“Rapport is the main component. People buy from those they like and trust” (People buy from people)

“It’s alright to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone else”

“’Killer’ statements are essential (and very powerful)”

“There are practical ways to ensure success” (It’s not through chance)

“It’s essential not to be over-complicated”

“I have the tools to adapt to any situation”

“Most people find they are better than they thought they could be”


meta-morphose view

'Structure equals confidence'.  Once delegates 'feel' the benefits of a strong sales structure they build confidence in applying it.  The also learn quickly that the structure alone doesn't bring results every time, they build a 'skin' to accept that sometimes the best technical call doesn't reap rewards every time.  But they learn quickly that a strong sales structure gives them the confidence to win more often than they lose.

'Killer statements'.   Too many salespeople focus on features and forget that our customers only buy benefits.  Some salespeople spend all their time talking about themselves or their business and forget the prospect wants to hear what this does for them and what can they can do for them.

'It's alright to be yourself'.  A strong sales structure gives me the confidence to be myself and have positive conversations on the same level as my prospect.  Sorry!  Scripts don't work for salespeople, having to read them and try to communicate with the prospect at the same time.  

We can give delegates the skills, we can help them 'feel' what works.  However, they have to believe it for themselves so that they apply these skills every day.  AND as a result they will sell more.


2.  What's been the biggest lesson you have learned about yourself?  

“I’m on the same level as everyone I talk to” (I’m no better than them and they are no better than me) “It works because we are serving mutual interests”

“Small enough to care but big enough to cope”

“I’m more confident than I realised”

“I was surprised to be a ‘red’ when I had thought I was a ‘green’!”

“I am effective when I use the tools I have been given”


meta-morphose view

'I'm on the same level as everyone I talk to'.  This gives me a great deal of  satisfaction.  These are people at the early stage of their career, they do not have for example, 15 years business experience, yet they talk to prospects who are senior and that means they are typically a lot older.  Maturity and credibility is not about age, it's about how you behave. 

'I am effective when I use the tools I have been given'.  Strong sales skills means simply more effective salespeople which means more sales.


Final Thought

We regularly ask the delegates that come through our training these questions at the end of their programme.  I am always surprised and pleased at the consistency of the messages given back.

It would be really interesting to hear your thoughts on this piece, are you surprised at the quotes or is it what you would expect.  What do you think and what do you take from this piece?


Feel free to email me...roybowles@meta-morphose.co.uk






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