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Destination or Journey?  David Greenwood on why he gets out of bed everyday

Destination or Journey? David Greenwood on why he gets out of bed everyday

Destination or Journey?  What do goals mean to you – and what’s your currency?

I’m writing this blog sat on a Wednesday afternoon in the Port of Agadir Morocco on my favourite cruise ship, the Horizon. I’ve been on it three times, not least because it’s incredibly good value and all the drinks are free!

The question I’d like to ask is a simple one – is this or any cruise a destination or a journey in itself?

In the back of my mind is the picture a trainer once showed me a picture of his boat, Reverie. I think he still uses it in his training – something that he really wanted and worked hard to buy – and lo and behold he achieved his goal.  I also think of a very successful millionaire chairman of a greetings card company who once taught me to visualise what I was looking to achieve but then importantly to break it down into attainable bite size chunks and get the result I was looking for.

People often say that money motivation is a key attribute of a successful sales person. But if you’d asked me in the past if I was money motivated I’d probably say no – no doubt frustrating the socks off your average sales director.  But on reflection I’m not sure if that’s the right answer either.  If someone had asked me what my goals are, I could probably quantify them in terms of things or events – a bit like this cruise.  And funnily enough it's working hard and earning money that enables expeditions like this to take place.  The key message here, in my opinion for sales directors and interview candidates alike is a simple one – is talking about money motivation alone without discernible goals ultimately highlighting a very shallow individual? Maybe this is a shallow value judgement in it’s own right – but hopefully you can see what I’m getting at.

On Monday I was talking to a chap called Mohammed, he is studying economics in Casablanca. His dream is to come to England and fight as a professional boxer.  Apparently he’s doing very well in the Moroccan amateur leagues but he tells me the talent spotters are very reluctant to travel overseas.  So it's going to be tough for him.  Now if there is a man motivated to succeed in his chosen profession – it is Mohammed. Today working in a coffee shop – tomorrow the world!  I’m left wishing he wanted to work in sales and that meta-morphose had a Morrocan subsidiary!  If I could have bottled his energy, desire, goal motivation and pure determination, that would be my perfect holiday souvenir!

 One of the privileges of my job is meeting equally motivated people back in the UK.  I’m thinking of people like the Belgian international football player and the Scottish international hockey player I’ve met in the past two weeks alone whose sheer grit and determination secured their international caps.   I can see how they are already applying that motivation to their future sales careers. 

It's not just sporting achievement that impresses me – some of the stories I hear of individuals climbing from extreme adversity to where they are here today, both challenges me personally in terms of my own goals and inspires me to set my bar higher.  Taking responsibility for my own success to achieve my own personal goals.

So back to the original question – the cruise – destination or journey?  In my opinion, what’s happening now on this “sun filled fun filled” holiday is simply the reward and the journey.  The important bit for me is actually wanting to go on the next cruise or whatever the next expedition is going to be.  Because it’s that desire that is going to motivate me to work hard to pay for the next one.  So if you think about it, it’s actually buying the next cruise that’s the real motivational “destination”!

So now you know what my currency is! What’s your currency and how’s that currency going to help you achieve the goals that are important in your life?







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