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The UK employment market does not favour new graduates

Job opportunities for graduates who have spent several years studying to achieve good degrees are finding it increasingly difficult to find employment relevant to their qualifications. Although recent employment figures show a rise in individuals being able and willing to find work and fill vacancies, the data do not reveal whether they   are just working in some positions as a stop-gap until an ideal opportunity arises that allows them to select a career that makes use of their specific skills or experience.  

One example of the dilemma that graduates face is the situation of student Alex Regan, who is due to graduate from City University in September with a master’s degree in investigative journalism. Being proactive, he has been sending off applications for jobs at the rate of five a week but has so far been unsuccessful in finding employment. The job market in his chosen career is very competitive as there are 75 graduates to every job, which makes the search for a permanent job in journalism an uphill struggle. His inability to find work is not through lack of trying and he feels that his search has been hampered by transformation in the media industry where cuts in revenue have had an influence on job availability. Many of Alex’s peers have had to put their career plans on ice and find full-time work in other businesses such as recruitment – a necessary sacrifice in order to be in full-time employment. Graduates with high-class degrees are not reaping the benefits of being in a job that merits their qualifications and are being forced to do work that they could have done without studying for a degree. At present, Alex has a part-time job at Pret a Manger, earning £60 for doing one shift a week and because London has become unaffordable to live in, he has had to relocate back home to Essex.

However, at meta-morphose the odds for Alex and his peers getting a job that they really want are being increased. In response to Alex’s negative job-search experience, meta-morphose owners, Sam Towell and Roy Bowles, said that they often hear stories of graduates like Alex finding it really tough out there. The fact is that once these individuals start work with our clients, they undergo training and coaching which helps to bridge the skills gap and makes them far more attractive. The statistics shoot up where they become 1 in 5 – not 1 in 75! That’s what delivers our 94% success rate.   







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