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The reluctant sales force or 'Yes of course I can help you with that, take me through the problem?'


The reluctant sales force!


‘Yes of course I can help you with that, take me through the problem?’

We regularly hear that our clients that are frustrated with the interaction that happens with some of their customer facing people.

 They are frustrated that some of their people, that spend their day to day working life talking to customers, fail to realise the fantastic opportunity they have to help their customers better, and as a result either bring more sales revenue to their own business or cross sell without even knowing it, and therefore increase the margin for their business.

Let me give you an example. 

We have a client where the salesperson works hard to understand his clients’ needs so he can sell more and develop the relationship he has with his clients, reasonable?  This same client has engineers visiting these same clients, these clients talk to the engineer, they explain what they are trying to achieve and seek the engineer’s help to fix problems, they trust the engineer.

The relationship the engineer has with the client can be very different to the relationship the salesperson has with the very same client.  The salesperson will be envious of this relationship as he knows he would sell considerably more if he had this knowledge.

If we can bridge this gap and leverage these relationships, so the engineer remains outside of the ‘sales process’ to protect their relationship, and to have the knowledge or intelligence the engineer has, delivered back to the business with the clients agreement, how much more business would the sales person do with this client? 

Is this you?

If I am describing a similar situation that lives within your business, how much more business would be leveraged from the successful management of these relationships, and furthermore how much more would your clients trust you with more of their spend. 

Only you know the answer, I am willing to bet it is very significant.  And don’t forget, the cost of acquisition is negligent versus the cost of attaining new business.  So makes sense.

‘Yep, we’ve tried it but…’

Now the cynics out there, and I am typically amongst you, are saying ‘yes, we know, we’ve tried it but the engineers are reluctant to play this role and the client spots it straight away….’

I agree, well to an extent.  The most efficient and cost effective way to make this work, and it can.  Is meta-morphose Mission Based Training.  This is exactly what we have developed, and over the last 20 years have worked with organisations that realise the significant benefits to be had from making this a success.

You may have engineers, you may have inbound call centres, you may have client support teams, you may have employees who are reluctant sales people.  This may be your position today.  

Tomorrow however, you could have employee’s who enjoy and relish the opportunity of helping customers, who recognise that customers want and need their help, and furthermore these customers are pleased that your business cares enough to be asking about their business. 

The solution available starts with a meeting with us to walk you through how it can work.


One more thing for you…

Seriously, how much more business would come from having your existing team that touch your customers being naturally inquisitive and seeking to help your customers buy the right thing from you, or indeed solve a problem they have that causes them pain. 

If the number is significant, then make contact so we can discuss if we can help.

Look forward to talking to you


PS - By the way, looking at research out there.  Your customers, Buyers, are saying this is what they want and expect from their trusted suppliers.  They want to do business with suppliers that get them, and help them to solve their problems.





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