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I know this is 2007 but same applies today!!!

metamorphose won 4 awards at the National Sales Awards. Since then we have won countless awards at the BESMA's over the years. Take a look at this video, as the message back in 2007 is the same as it is today. If you are looking for a sales role then take 5 minutes to watch this....
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What has full employment ever done for us...Have you seen the latest figures from the ONS?

It's becoming increasingly hard to find sales talent, full employment in the UK means it's going to get harder. So what can you do? Recruit from new talent pools...Retain the staff you want to keep...Develop the talent you have to produce more...Find new talent from within your business.
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If this speaks to you then perhaps you should be in Sales. Man in the mirror - Dale Wimbrow 1934

Sales is tough, requires individuals that are prepared to work hard, able to take knocks, thrive in fast paced environments, people who need to win. People who know why they get out of bed each day. Dale Wimbrow's poem says it all really, written in 1934, it's timeless.
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Why should I consider Graduate Sales Recruitment?

The business environment is becoming more competitive and external factors such as the economy continue to hold back growth. Companies are looking for ways they can boost their sales performance cost effectively. Recruiting bright talented graduate talent, with the right attitude for sales and marketing, is providing to be a smart move on behalf of HR and Sales Directors.
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Industry Recognised Inspirational Selling Programme for Sales AND non-Sales people alike

The Metamorphose Inspirational Selling Programme need not be just for sale people. The tools and techniques can be as applicable to all customer focused employees. We tailor the foundation element of our training programme to give delegates the basic foundation skills they require over 3 days.
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