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If this speaks to you then perhaps you should be in Sales. Man in the mirror - Dale Wimbrow 1934

Sales is tough, requires individuals that are prepared to work hard, able to take knocks, thrive in fast paced environments, people who need to win. People who know why they get out of bed each day. Dale Wimbrow's poem says it all really, written in 1934, it's timeless.
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'I want my Sales Team to behave like 5 year olds!' - They never stop asking questions

Seven Characteristics of Successful Sales People. 1. Being inquisitive, 2. Actively listening, 3. Flexible and organised, 4. Great work ethic, 5. Energy & enthusiasm, 6. Ethical & honest, 7. Brave - do something scary every day!
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You CAN teach old dogs....

You CAN teach old dogs....

Sales training is not just for those individuals with a desire for learning how to sell for the first time.  We believe that our tried and tested sales techniques are as relevant for experienced sale professionals as they are for fresh graduates on the launch-pad of their sales career. Try telling an old dog he/she can't do new tricks!
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The reluctant sales force or 'Yes of course I can help you with that, take me through the problem?'

We regularly hear that our clients that are frustrated with the interaction that happens with some of their customer facing people. They are frustrated that some of their people fail to realise the fantastic opportunity they have to help their customers better, and as a result either bring more sales revenue to their own business or cross sell without even knowing it, and therefore increase the margin for their business. This need not be the case.
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Sales Secrets Revealed

Sales Secrets Revealed

It is a bit discouraging when looking to find the best sales techniques and strategies in today’s world, primarily because there is so much information available. The internet is filled with people putting in their two pence on how a business can and should run to secure sales. Yet, where is the author’s validation? In order for a business to thrive they must mimic those businesses and institutions which have proven themselves to be creditable. We pride ourselves on our results driven sales...
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Why should I consider Graduate Sales Recruitment?

The business environment is becoming more competitive and external factors such as the economy continue to hold back growth. Companies are looking for ways they can boost their sales performance cost effectively. Recruiting bright talented graduate talent, with the right attitude for sales and marketing, is providing to be a smart move on behalf of HR and Sales Directors.
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Industry Recognised Inspirational Selling Programme for Sales AND non-Sales people alike

The Metamorphose Inspirational Selling Programme need not be just for sale people. The tools and techniques can be as applicable to all customer focused employees. We tailor the foundation element of our training programme to give delegates the basic foundation skills they require over 3 days.
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Sales Training versus Sales Enablement

Businesses have traditionally relied upon their employees to present their product and services to the potential client. It is for this reason that companies are happy to spend part of their budget on sales training. Yet, is sales training enough for a modern day sales strategy? In this article we take a look in detail at sales training and sales enablement.
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Sales Techniques That Do and Don’t Work

Getting a product to produce a desired ROI is fundamental to a business’s success, but being able to get the product sold may be a bit easier said than done for some. Appropriately strategising your selling methodology is essential to the success or failure. And where you could go walking around with a sandwich board around your neck, here are a few techniques which will give you better results.
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Metamorphose has six finalists for BESMA 2015

The British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards (BESMA) held every year by the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM) is aimed at recognising the top sales people in specific categories. The 2015 ceremony is due to be held in February and leading sales recruitment and training company, Metamorphose has entered six graduates from a range of clients in the ‘Student of the Year’ category
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